I am a student and lover of photography – have been for about 10 years now, in a multitude of classrooms  – and I absolutely love being with people. I am extremely lucky to be able to combine my love and passion for photography along with my excitement for others and for making people happy through my work. I always strive to make my clients comfortable and to create pictures that they would enjoy. From personal portraits, to “save-the-dates” and engagement pictures, to the actual wedding and baby and family photography – you need it, and I love providing it! Please take a look around my site and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any interest or questions. Also feel free to check out Molly Marie Photography on Facebook.

I am so blessed to have an artistic eye and some amazing friends and family that helped me foster my love of photography since my middle school years. I went through the millions of stages as a kid, thinking I wanted to be an actress, then a veterinarian, and so when I said I wanted to be a photographer at age 12, I’m sure no one even blinked. But anyone who was close to me soon found out it was no joke after I spend the entirety of my money on 15 rolls of film on a class trip to DC. Ever since then it’s been a fun ride learning how to photograph well, how to choose what to photograph and finding the right tools along the way.

Not long into my hobby, I found that my favorite subjects were people. But not only that, people on very exciting days in their life. A place and time to capture moments you’ll never get back, but you’ll always remember. I used my friends as models nearly every weekend until I finally had the chance to shoot a wedding, and the rest is history. I love what I do and it always shows in my photographs.